Into The Shadows

Into The Shadows’ has been sit up as a separate blog, just follow this link to begin to read.


5 Responses to Into The Shadows

  1. Barney R says:

    I look forward to your new story. Thanks for taking the time and effort to wite this for our enjoyment.

  2. homeboy/jokerlove says:

    i just want to see more chapters from your hand Virgil mate

  3. Len Taylor says:

    Looking forward to more of both “Into The Shadows” and “The Quantum Knight”

  4. J.S. says:

    Having freshly finished reading your stories over the last 2 days I have but one question… Any idea on time between posts for Quantum Knight and Into the Shadows?

    • Blind Sight says:

      I had a hiatus of about six month while recovering from a six week hospital stay. I have just started writing again, however I am still dependent on my editirs all of whom are volunteers.Quasntum knight has just reached the end of Part 1 and the first chapter of Part 2 is in the editors hands but one problem is that I am merging the Novice Sorceress into the Quantum Knight starting in the first cahpter of Part 2, Part 2 chapter 1 of Into the shadows is also in the editors hands.

      while I was writing regularly I was posting 1 chapter of each story once a week. Hope this is the information you needed The complete Novice Sorceress is postted on SOL (stories on line) which I suggest should be read before continuing into Part 2 of teh quantum knight

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