Home Sweet Home


Chapter 5

Carl was stuffing his face. Aunt Clara had made what he thought of as her best meal, meatloaf and mash potatoes. He was listening with half an ear to his Mom.

“Yes I signed a lease earlier today. We went by on the way home from school so Carl could look it over.”

“Grace there was no rush for you to move!” Aunt Clara gushed as she put another piece of meatloaf on his plate.

“Well I knew that Clara, but Carl was uncomfortable sleeping on the couch. He’s uses to his own privacy.”

“Huh?” Uncle Rick looked at Carl a moment. Carl tilted his head toward Peggy who was concentrating on her desert.

“Egh HUD!” His uncle eye brow headed toward his hairline as his eyes twitched toward Peggy.

“I like him being here. He’s the smartest person I know. I can get to sleep when he is here. I just lay down next to him and I fall right to sleep.” Peggy innocent comment had both her parents staring at her then back at Carl. He looked at both of them and nodded slightly.


“Oh well then if you found a place which you can afford and he will be more comfortable then we have no right trying to keep you here.” Aunt Clara was all right with the idea now that she thought she understood.


“Well Carl, I’ve got your house all bundled up in my warehouse now. I built a staircase up to the front door so you can get in. I made a slide from the front room window to the floor. So all you have to do is set things you want on the slide and they will slip down to the warehouse floor.” Uncle Rick said, as he took a bite of his desert.


Both Aunt Clara and his mother stopped talking and then stared from his Uncle back to Carl.

“Staircase?” His Aunt asked.

“Slide?” Carl’s mother asked.

Carl looked at his Uncle who was looking at him with a spoon halfway to his mouth.

“Egh, huh?”

“Uncle Rick, why don’t we go by the warehouse and let them see what you are talking about. Then we can all go by our new house.”

“Great Idea, son! That way they can see everything and make plans for moving your things into the house.” Uncle Rick recovered quickly.


It seemed like seconds, an all of them were piling into the truck and car heading to the warehouse first.

Carl stood back as Uncle Rick showed his wife and Carl’s mother the bundled up house. There was a strong and sturdy staircase going up to the front door of the house. Uncle Rick had cut the plastic away from the door and had opened it.

To the side going in the opposite direction of the stairs was a wooden slide with sides leading from the front room empty window casing, to the ground floor of the warehouse. There were a few items resting on the floor where Uncle Rick had tested the slide.

Both his mother and Aunt Clara were standing there with wide eyes and gaping mouth saying basically the same thing. “Oh My God!” over and over. Peggy was standing between them with a big smile on her face.

“I told you, Carl is the smartest person in the whole universe!”


Carl headed up the staircase and was soon inside their old home. As he explored he found it was a mess! Broken glass, shattered wood casements; his room was just as much a shambles as the rest of the house. Then he dug deeper; his clothes were mostly just mixed up with the debris in his room. His computer monitor did not appear damaged. He began to separate all the parts of his computer set up. Soon he had it all sitting in the hallway. After moving everything to the front window, he leaned out.

“Uncle Rick can you pull my things off the slide as they get to the ground?”

“Sure son, give me a second to get over there.”

Soon Carl was letting one piece at a time slid down the wood trough. His Uncle pulled them off and to the side as soon as they neared the bottom.

Then Carl dumped clothes he found that didn’t appear to have anything wrong with them.

Peggy had joined him and had done the same thing for his mother’s clothes. Then they stood in the doorway into the kitchen and stared. Carl turned and looked at Peggy who slowly looked back at him.

“Peggy, don’t ever cast a major spell without a circle! The only thing that saved my life was that the spell effect was confined within a circle.”

“Yeah, Carl this looks like you got hit with the Enterprises main phasers!”

There was nothing that could be salvaged from the kitchen!

They turned and exited the house. Mom and Aunt Clara were folding clothes and packing them into garbage bags. Uncle Rick was putting all his computer equipment in the truck bed. Afterward he laid the garbage bags of clothes on top of the equipment.




Uncle Rick backed his truck up to the garage doors. Mom and Aunt Clara went into the front door while Carl took the keys and opened the garage doors. He then showed them the garage entrance into the house. They dumped the garbage bags in the wash room.  Then he showed them the stair way to the basement and upstairs. Uncle Rick froze like a light had exploded in his head.


Peggy ran down the stairs to the basement, she uses to visit my laboratory all the time when she came over. Carl could hear her “Cool! Neato!” as she explored it. Then she ran back up the stairs but continue to the upstairs. “Wow, Neatorama!”

Carl and his Uncle carried the computer equipment up the stairs and into his room.


Later, all of them met up in the den. His mom and Aunt Clara were discussing the placement of furniture in the den. The chairs, bookcases and the desk that would be put in the room.


Uncle Rick had look through all the rooms upstairs and now entered the Den after looking the rest of the downstairs over.


“Grace, can you afford this? It must cost a fortune?”


“Only $500 a month I paid the first and last month of a six month lease.”

Both Uncle Rick and Aunt Clara stop speaking and looked at each other.

“How?” Was the only word spoken afterward by Uncle Rick?


“It has been haunted for at least the last four years. The original family was all murdered by a gang during a home invasion.”

“The real estate actually sold the house twice, but the first family let it go into foreclosure; the second family was all in a hospital and started a law suit over hazardous environment.”

“They settled but then found themselves with an unsalable house, so they tried to rent it, anything to remove some of the red ink in the books on it. I signed the lease with an option to buy at $60,000.”


Peggy spoke up “Haunted?” which was echoed by her parents.

Carl’s mother looked over at him.

“Not anymore, I took care of that earlier. I also put up some very strong wards. No more home invasion will ever happen here again.”


“I am planning on going down to the Real Estate Company tomorrow and make them an offer of $50,000 with a clear release for the house with an ‘as is clause’ I expect them to fall all over themselves to sign the contract. Then I will get the mortgage for 15 years, and the payment will still be less then what we are renting it for.”

“Then when the insurance check comes in we will pay off the mortgage on the old home and have plenty left over to furnish this one.”

“Wow, that’s good! The lot will be yours free and clear. Yes!”

“I want to move in here with Aunt Grace and Carl!  This place is neat! They got two extra bedrooms upstairs!”

“Nope ain’t happening Peggy! You can have a sleep over every once in a while, but if we lived together, we’d start fighting. I love you like a sister, but just like a sister if you were in my pocket all the time we would fight. Think about it.”

“How many friends of yours tell you about their horrible brothers? I don’t want to be the horrible brother. If it was necessary, that would be one thing but this is not. I will come over and sit in your fairy garden with you plenty of times. In fact, you can design one for us.”

Her face which had been squinting up like she was getting ready to cry cleared. She then smiled, “I will make you the best garden in the world.”

Everybody took a sigh of relief. Then Peggy came over and hugged him, looking up at Carl she said.”Brother? I like that.”



The next day his Dad came back from his business trip. But when his mother got through telling him what she had done he relaxed. He took them all out to eat that night. In the conversation over the meal and afterwards, both Carl and his mother kept all mention of magic completely out of it.


His father was very pleased that Uncle Rick wanted Carl to work for him part-time. So that part was good to go. His Dad finally had to go with his Mother to sign the new mortgage. He came home and just wandered over the house in a daze.

Finally, he came out of it.

“Grace how did you get the price so low? This house is worth at least $200,000 at the minimum!”

“Yes dear I agree, but to the company my release to take the house ‘as is’ was worth the discounted price. You see they been sued once over the house, and had to foreclose once, and they had not been able to rent it to anyone for more than a month.”

“There is nothing wrong with the house. Rick went over it with a fine teeth comb.”

“It just that reputation, one person hears something and passes it along, now we have two people talking and it builds, then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Every accident, everything that goes wrong, builds the bad reputation.”

“The talk started when the original family members were all murdered by a gang of home invaders.”

“So we get the best luck in the world.”


“Yes, dad?”

“At your age I would have killed to have a setup like your room. You have almost a separate apartment with your own entrance. For this to work don’t make me be the bad guy here.”


“I won’t Dad. I will be busy mostly studying, but I am thinking it will be easier on you, for me to have my own entrance that doesn’t disturb you if I come home late.”

“Late? What are you talking about?” His mother had finally heard what he and his Dad were saying.


“Grace, he’s going to be going on dates soon, he might be late some nights.” His Dad stepped in.

“I see. Well here’s the deal, when you are gone leave your door open. I will never go into your room if the door is open. If close I expect you to be in the room and answer when I knock. If no answer, I will open the door and look inside.”

“Yes, Mom.”

“With those conditions, you are now responsible for cleaning your room and getting your clothes washed and dried.”

“Oh mom!’

Then Carl started to laugh, “A Deal Mom.”

“Dad, a months until I can get a license, then a car.”


Carl’s days in school had improved. It took him a week to be almost hundred percent recovered. In the meantime, Laura kept walking with him to classes. Afterward, they continued to stroll through the hallways of the school together. She did not walk to his classes that she was not taking anymore. But she did wait for him and he did the same for her when either of them got tied up with the teachers after class.


Then one day a week or so after his recovery from the accident, the four dumb jocks came strolling down the school hallway shoving the other kids out of their way. Carl spotted them when he and Laura were in the middle of the hall.

He had thought of what he would do if this or something similar happen. The problem was he never thought about Laura being with him.

“Hey it’s the twerp. Lets thump the twerp some more!” with that they diverted and headed straight for Carl.

He did not wait, “Hey it’s the low riders look at them showing themselves like the perverts they are!”

In his mind he did the equation ‘A = coefficient of friction plus B = slippery’.

Suddenly the group slipped on the floor as their pants slid down their legs and settled around their ankles. The real bonus with this is low riding pants were against the school dress code. 


Now nobody saw them, wearing low riders. But his loud voice saying so and pointing then tripping over their pants convinced every student in the hall that they saw all four jock strutting down the hall with their pants hanging low.


When the teacher on hall monitoring reported the incident the principal was on hand in no time. When the jocks could not keep their pants up even to get to the office, he was convinced as well.

Carl heard later that they had gotten a 5 day suspension.

As they waited for his mother to show up Carl asked Laura to go out to dinner with him that Friday and a movie afterwards. “Of course I will go!” was her answer.

His mother drove up at that time. She had come to expect them to be together and drove straight to Laura house.

Carl got out as well and bends down to talk to his mother. “Mom I going to stay a minute or two, I be home real soon.”

His mother smiled at him and nodded, then drove off.

 Carl took Laura hand as they walked up to the door. Inside she introduced him to her mother.

“Mom, this is Carl Black. He is in most of my classes.”

“Mrs. Tarleton, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Well it’s nice to meet a friend of Laura. Would you like a soft drink or some milk?”


“No thanks ma’am. I wanted to ask your permission for me to take Laura to dinner and a move this Friday. The dinner would be at 6:30 at Tucks and the movie would start at 8:10 at the Newton. I will have her home by 11:30.”


“Why you have really plan it out. I will say I think you are doing a splendid job of settling my nerves. Laura, is this, what you want?”

“Oh yes, Mom.

“How will you get to the restaurant and then the movie and back home?”


“Either my Mom or Dad will take us and return to pick us up.”


“Well in that case I will say yes; you may have the honor of escorting my daughter that night.”


Carl floated the entire two blocks back to his home.


That night, Carl joined his Uncle Rick at his warehouse where they laid out a sheet of plastic cut from the roll Carl had used to help move his house to the warehouse. Then they drove for three hours to another town two hundred miles away.


They drove up to the heavy equipment place and around to the rear, where a guard let them in to the back lot. Soon his Uncle was showing him the Caterpillar. He began to cuss.

“What wrong Uncle Rick?”

“Somebody has started disassembling it; it looks like some of the parts are missing.”

“Did you buy it as it was?”

“Yeah, I did, I mean I knew it was not working. But all the parts were here. It was still fully assembled.”

“So it was yours at that time?”

“Yeah. I’m going to get my money back. This was done after I bought it.”

“Don’t worry about it Uncle. Just stepped back and be my look out.”

Carl stood up and began to walk around the huge Caterpillar. Three times he circled the big machine chanting all the time.

‘One piece it was and will be again.

Many pieces make up one piece

All pieces know their place from many

Let there be one!’


He kept chanting over and over as he circled the machine with the completion of his third circle there was a flash of light and there before them was a complete Caterpillar tractor. It had a shovel on the back and a blade on the front.

“Egh, Carl, that not what I bought. Mine did not have the shovel on the rear.”

“Well it did to start with. Do your purchase order or bill of sale states otherwise.”

“No it just state model number and serial number of the machine.”


“Well then help me with a piece of plastic sheeting Uncle.”


It took two of them hardly any time to get two sheets of plastic draped over the caterpillar. Then Carl did his three circles chanting the same chant he used the previous week to move their old house into the Warehouse. He pulled a sun ball out for the energy he needed and then there was a flash of light. The Caterpillar was gone.


Uncle Rick and Carl quickly got into the truck and drove back to the rear gate where the guard looked the truck over and waved them through.

Later back at the warehouse Carl and his Uncle were studying the bundled wrapped Cat.

“Do you know what was wrong with the machine Uncle Rick?”

“Old age I reckon. Poor maintenance, broken parts, wore out. Kind of like some people I know. What I will have to do is replace the parts that are broken, clean up the ones that are still structurally good. Oil and grease the moving parts then start it up and see if it will be good.”


“Wait a minute Uncle Rick.”

Once more he began to circle the bundled up tractor; around and around three times once more. There was a bright flash and a brand new Caterpillar excavator stood with a blade on the front and its articulated shovel on the rear.

Carl turned to his Uncle who was standing there mouth gaping once more. “There you go Uncle as good as new.”

“My god boy! How did you do that?”

“It’s magic Uncle Rick. I just made everything new. All the pieces has the original serial numbers. It just the pieces have been restored to its original condition.”

“Boy I bought that at salvage for the metal price. With what you did I can get top line used price that’s a $200,000 piece of machinery now. We will make about $160,000 on this one machine.”


Carl did one more thing before leaving that night. He set up wards to protect the whole property and inner wards for individual buildings and major pieces.


He was tired when he arrived home that night. It was later than normal as he stepped up to the garage door. He turned and waved at his Uncle as he pulled out. Stepping into the garage he lowered the door. A light had automatically come on when he opened the door. 


He unlocked the door into the house and then locked it behind himself. Up the stairs he went then into his room. Shutting his door behind him he smiled knowing his mother would see his door closed if she got up anytime at night.


He took a warm shower then fell into bed; slept like a rock.











My thanks toTxAgBand59 for his editing and proofing help. But the final results are mine and all criticism should be loaded onto my shoulders.


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Magic Transportation, LLC

Chapter 4

Magic Transportation, LLC


Carl turned and looked at Peggy who was looking at him. “Gods and Goddesses?” he said.


Peggy slowly started to smile, “Goddesses?”


“Alien most likely!” Carl said.

He watched as Peggy wander back over to the swing. He heard her murmuring to herself, “Fairies? Brownies? Elves!”

Carl left his aunt’s house with his mother and headed to the hardware store. “Why do you need to go to the hardware store Carl?”


“I need some things to help me clean up our lot. Later I’m going to need a lot more things to expand my lab.”

“Well, don’t forget you’ve got to get back to school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, from what the Agent said, I’m probably going to need to replace almost all my things.”


“I know we may have to hold off on some things, this is going to cost us a lot; especially replacing the house. I don’t know if we can get another one as good for the insurance money when we get it.”


“In the meantime we need to lease us another place to live so we can get out of my sister’s home!”


“Yeah, sleeping on the couch is really awkward for me. Peggy is up a lot at night and she just wanders in. Last night she climbed in to the couch with me. Let me tell you that was startling, when I woke with her hugging me in her sleep.”


“Oh,oh! I see, I bet that was funny.”

“Well mom, she’s more like my sister than a cousin or anything else. I would not want to wake up with my sister hugging me in her sleep!”


“Okay, then while you are in the store, I’ll be on the phone to a property management firm trying to find a house.”


“Yeah, do that mom!”


Carl got out of the car and hurried into the local hardware store. It was not the cheapest being one of the old family type stores. It stayed in business through service and location, being almost centered to the older residential area of town.


He was wandering around looking at everything. Every time he came in it happened. He would get absorbed in seeing the myriad of items the store stocked.


“Can I help you son?” An elderly employee had walked up behind him.

“Oh yes, sorry. It seem every time I come in you have something else I had never seen. I need some strong plastic wrap, or sheeting.”


“How strong, does it need to be flexible or ridged?”

“It needs to be strong, but flexible is a plus. Especially if it can be folded up after being used so that it can be stored”


“We got some rolls of polyvinyl that is fairly strong but cuts easily. It’s over here.” He turned and headed toward the rear where the painting supplies were displayed.


“We only sell by the roll, and the shortest is 100 feet by 20 feet. That is $11.99 which is pretty cheap. The roll is 5 feet wide as it is folded twice before being rolled up.”


Carl picked up the roll or tried to, it was heavy! “Wow, you would not think it be so heavy.”

He examined the edges of the sheet and saw that it was very flexible and strong.


“This is just what I need! I’ll take it.” The man tilted the roll up on its edge then let it fall over his shoulder, straightened up and carried it to the front cash registered. Carl watched; he estimated that roll weighted a good 80 pounds. But the elderly man had handled it as if it weighed nothing.


He laid the roll on the counter. He saw Carl staring at him as he turned to walk away. Smiling at Carl he softly said.

“Technique, son, it’s always about the technique do it right and you have no problems. Sloppy and I could have pulled my back.”

The girl rang up the roll of plastic, charging it to the credit card he handed her. When she tried to move the roll she grunted and stepped back, looking around for help. Carl went over and got a shopping buggy. He placed it against the counter, and slid the roll edgewise into the cart.

“I’ll bring the cart right back.”

With his mother’s help it took no time to slide the roll into the back seat.


“Now I need some foot wear to work in, these shoes you got for me are okay for school but not around a work area.”

“I guess it’s going to be Payless then Carl.” His mother said.  



“This area over here is out of the way and we will not need to work on it for weeks. There is nothing cluttering up the area, and no leaks or anything to damage your things if you stored them here.”


Carl was looking this part of the warehouse over. His Uncle Rick was right this would be perfect as a temporary storage.

“Uncle Rick, could you help me bring that roll of plastic in here? I am going to need a clear area to cut it and this place is perfect.”


“Sure Carl, let me get a dolly.”

In no time his uncle rolled the plastic roll into the warehouse and over to the area they had designated as storage for Carl’s family.


Using a tape measure from his Uncle, Carl rolled the plastic out and cut it when he had material enough to cover the area. Then he did it two more times. Leaving the roll behind, Carl folded up the two extra pieces he had cut and returned them to his uncle’s car. Returning inside he took the final cut piece and unrolled the plastic. It covered the area they were going to use for storage.


Carl waited a minute until his uncle got busy with something else then did a quick enchantment. The plastic flattened itself out and held tight to the floor it was lying on.


“Whenever you’re ready Uncle Rick; you can just drop me off at our house. I can make it back over to your place later on my own.”


As we drove off from the warehouse he noticed his Uncle Rick looking at him.

“What you going to do boy, some of that magic you and Peggy been doing?”

Carl thought for a minute, “Yeah, I going to move our house into your Warehouse space.”

They swerved for a second but his uncle got control of it. “That’s going to be one hell of trick!”

“Yeah, and one of the reason I want to do it at night. Once everything is in the warehouse then mom can sort out what is damaged from the undamaged things. We are going to be hurting for money soon.”


“Hum, can you move other thing not just your house?”

“I guess, I am really just learning Uncle Rick. Why?”


“I own this old warehouse Carl. Lock stock and barrel as they say.  I plan on using it to store things I purchase for resell. One of my big expenses is hauling those things back to here.”


“Right now, I’ve a chance to pick up a broken down Caterpillar real cheap. With a little elbow grease, I can triple the money I spend. But the cost for hauling it in is huge. If you can do it, then I can pay you, and I save money and time.”

“That sounds great! If I can make some money it will help to make up for what happen at our house.”

“It’s a deal then. Let see what happens with your house, if that works we can see what ‘Magic Transportation Company’ can do for me.” He laughed.


Two hours later they pulled up in front of Carl’s old home. At first it looked just like the last time he remembered being here. Then you noticed the broken window panes. The house appeared to have a lean to it now. Carl and his uncle got out and began to walk around the house examining as much as they could without entering it.


From the rear you could see that most of the damage had happened where the kitchen had been. It was no longer there, the room above the kitchen was gone also.

Using the flashlights they had brought with them Carl peered in and saw that the floor above the basement was gone. It became obvious with a closer examination that something in the basement had exploded. It had blown the basement right up through the kitchen and out the second floor roof.


“Wow! How did I survive that?”

“Where were you Carl?” his uncle asked.

Carl pointed down and to the side in the open basement.

“Right over there is the last thing I remember Uncle Rick.”

“Well, either you are the luckiest person on earth or one of the Star Trek shields you and Peggy have been talking about was around you.”


“That’s it! All the action was inside a circle that was cast around the working area. It directed the majority of the blast directly upward!”


“I sure will remember that. Never cast a major spell without a circle first!” Carl paused, thinking then he looked at his Uncle.


“Uncle Rick, do you still keep that camera in your truck?”


“Yeah, I take pictures of things I find that I am not sure about and look them up in catalogs and on the internet it helps me price them.”


“We need to record this. Peggy needs to see what can happen if you’re not careful.”


His uncle looked him dead in the face; and his eyes widened, than he looked back at the damage done to the house.


“Yikes! Yeah, let me get the camera real quick.”


Carl went with him and got the folded up sheets of plastic out of the rear of the truck. His uncle came back with his digital camera and began shooting pictures of the house from the front to the back. Then he took dozens of close ups of the basement up through the kitchen area and the roof.


While he was taking pictures, Carl had laid the first sheet of plastic sheet across the front of the house and along each side. The last sheet he stretched across the back of the house.  He stepped back afterwards and waited for his uncle to finish.


“I guess that’s enough. I will email you copies of all the pictures Carl. You need to keep track of what you do also.”


“Thanks, I know, for a couple reasons. As a warning of what happen when you make a mistake and as a help to learning.”


They stood there for a couple of minutes, neither of them making a move or saying anything.


“Egh? Carl, do you want me to go back to my truck?”

“Oh, no Uncle Rick, in fact I would appreciate it if you stayed with me. I was just thinking. ‘How the hell am I going to do this?’ It one thing to casually say I’m going to move our house from this lot to your warehouse, but when the actual act has to be done I’ve got to overcome my own fear of failure.”

“Do you know how you are going to do it?”

“Yes, it’s similar to how I got into your house through the shields Peggy had put up.”

“So, you know that it will work?”

“Well, like I said your house proved the concept works.”

“So this is just stage fright then?”


“Well I remember what I was told. The first time I had to stand up at the Mule-deer Lodge and give a speech. Imagine everybody sitting bare ass on the toilet. Do it boy!”


Carl grinned at his Uncle. Then he began to walk around the house in a circle. He chanted a little saying as he did so.


“Around and around the house we go

Bind, bind and bind this place

Cover, cover and cover it again

Plastic, plastic from ground to roof.

Cover, cover the house is covered.

Bind the house in plastic tight.”

Three times he did this circling the house counter clock wise.  As he passes his uncle he noticed him staring at the house with his mouth gaping wide. Carl glanced at the house and almost stumbled. The plastic was creeping up the walls of the house. 


He stopped at the end of his third complete circling of the house and looked at what he had done. The house was completely covered in plastic; in fact it looked like it had been shrink-wrapped as the plastic was ‘skin tight’ on the house.

“Wow, that’s something else son. If this works I can see great things for the ‘Magic Transportation, LLC’ in the future.”


“Now, that will hold the house together so it does not fall apart when it gets to the warehouse. This is the big one. With that he chanted the formula he had invented.

“a=A, b=B, a+b = A+B” he visualized the steps he had taken one big roll of plastic. Three cut sheets from one roll. All sheets were one sheet, one sheet is in the warehouse all sheets are in the warehouse.  There was a loud whoosh and a glowing hemisphere appeared over the house than collapsed.


Carl and his Uncle Rick stood there looking into a gaping hole in the ground. The house and all its contents had disappeared. Carl looked at the lot with the scattered rubbish left over from the damage to the house.


“Backup Uncle!” he warned him. The he visualized what he wanted and pulled energy. A cyclone appeared in the middle of the lot. As it whirled it sucked up all the loose trash and then even the ground excavating an area twice the size of the previous basement. Then it rose and disappeared into the sky headed for the local dump.


Next he melted the earth hardening the walls and floor of the newly excavated basement. His final act was to create a barrier to keep people out of the lot so they did not fall into the hole.


He was tired, being able to create energy from nothing or zero-point space meant he had not had to use his own energy to do the spell. Most old style Practitioners of the Arts would have had to do that, but the mental effort to hold the thoughts and visualization was still hard work.


He took a deep breath and rested for a moment. His uncle eased forward but was stopped by the invisible barrier.

“Boy you are just full of surprises! That a $5,000 excavation and you did it in minutes not days.”


“I am tired! That took a lot out of me.”

“Well if you’re through here let’s get going.”

“Could we stop at the warehouse? Just to be sure the house made it, Uncle.”

“Can’t think of a reason not to; a few to do.” His uncle said.

At this late hour it took almost no time to reach the warehouse. Inside they found the house all bundled up and shrink wrapped waiting to be opened.


Carl took a second look, the house appeared taller than it should. Stepping closer he tried to see through the plastic sheeting around the house.

“Well I be darn! Look at that.” His uncle Rick exclaimed.


Carl did look, the house was taller, the basement and the ground around it supporting the house was now wrapped in plastic sheeting. That wrapping was holding all of it together.

“Uncle Rick, Mom’s going to need some help getting into the house when she comes over here to sort through everything.”


“I can help there Carl. I will throw a staircase up to the first floor and anchor it so she has no problems.”

“Thanks Uncle.”

“Boy, I want you and me to go partners in a business I’m thinking about. I bring my business skills and contacts. You bring your magic. If you agree I can have my Lawyer draw up LLC papers and we will be in business within the week.”


“What kind of business Uncle Rick?”

“A little of this and a little of that. First, transportation of heavy awkward objects. Then the demolition and excavating business”

“Our big profits will be in the lack of expenses. No big trucks or drivers to haul things around. Then no equipment to dig or blow things up or down.”


“Like that basement you dug tonight the cost for something like that is around $5,000 and take maybe two whole days. You did that in less than an hour.”


“I don’t know Uncle Rick, Mom might not like it.”

“Your mother like my wife is conservative. If they had their way we’d still be cooking Mammoth over an open fire.” Carl laughed. He could see it in his head. His mother, basting a haunch of Mammoth over an open flame. “Yeah, you are probably right but still she’s my mom.”


“What I want is your agreement, I will convince the parents. Also, I can’t have my partner getting beaten up so tomorrow we find you a martial art studio and you learn self defense. I can’t have my partner getting shit kicked out of him. Don’t worry I will pay for it.”



The next morning Carl was dropped off at the high school by his Mom. Everybody was staring at him. He guesses he looked a sight. He had a bandage on his head, an arm in a sling and he walked with a limp. These were all injuries from the explosion.


Now he hobbled down the hallway to his first class of the day. Being a little early he was the first person in his Physics class. At least he would not have those four dumb jerks picking on him here. They had to take a non-academic science course such as geology. They would never qualify for any courses such as Physics, Chemistry or even Biology.


The Physics at least kept his mind in the classroom. Laura Taltson kept her eye on him through the whole class period. This was a little nerve racking as she was one of the prettiest girls in school. When class was dismissed she hung back watching as Carl loaded his books into his back pack. At which point, she asked the question he was totally unprepared for.

“Can I carry you backpack for you?”

 Carl froze looking at her with his mouth gaping. “egh eh egh, what did you say?”

“I asked if I could help carry your backpack.”

Carl just stared at her, but finally he had to answer. “Yeah, I would appreciate it.”


She reached over and grabbed his backpack by the shoulder strap. Then she turned and followed him out of the class. That was when he remembered she was in his Government class as well as his Physics class.


They walked in silence until almost at the Government class room. “What happened to you?”

Carl did a quick glance at her, “We had an explosion in our basement last week. I got caught in it.”


“Oh! My Dad mentioned that, I did not know it was you, though. He did say that it was a mystery, that they did not know what could have done it.”

This was the first time that Carl had been able to talk to Laura. She was a popular girl in school, as attested by how many times someone would say something to her as they walked to their Government class.  She was also a take charge type person. She maneuvered him into a seat next to her on the front row, and then helped him get his books and papers out of the backpack.


Carl did not know what was happening. Laura was definitely visible everywhere in school that day. She escorted him to his next class which she was not in. When he exited that class she was waiting outside to take his backpack. The final class of the day his calculus class she was again waiting for him.


“Laura, what are you up too? I really appreciated your help today. But this is the first time you paid any attention to me except to say ‘Hi’ as you sat down near me.”

There was a quiet paused. “That’s not quite true.  You helped me in middle school when I fell down. You made sure I got to my classes and carried my books. Then you just faded away when I no longer limped.”


“Oh, you feel that you owe me for that?”

“No, I never felt that way. I just remember how nice you were to me. Now I got a chance to get to know you better. You are going to take longer than my skinned knee took to get well.” She looked at him and smiled.

Carl moved to an empty bench outside the school and sat down. Laura joined him. “My mother will be here to pick me up soon.”

“Oh, that means we can talk. I noticed ages ago, you are in the advanced course program.”

“Yeah, just like you are.”

“Yeah, I am not sure what I want to do. But college is sure in the works. This way I’m getting a lot of courses that will take care of my first year in college. I am hoping to get some scholarship money to help out. Firemen don’t make a lot of money.”

“The insurance company is giving us a lot of bull about paying up. Until then we cannot get us another house.  My Mom was looking today to lease a place. We have to replace everything.”

“Wow, everything?”

“Yeah, look, new shoes, new jeans, new shirts and even new backpack. We might be able to salvage something but now much.”

“My gosh, I don’t know what I would do if I had to replace everything.”

“You might ask your dad, he must see things like this all the time. I learned that you can get separate insurance for your belongings. We only had our house insurance.”

They sat there for awhile in comfortable silence. Then his mother pulled up. “Laura, let us drop you off at your house.” Carl said as he stood up.

She looked at his mother hesitantly, “Okay I guess, if it’s not too far out of your way.”

They got into his mother’s car. As they sat down in the back seat Carl explained to his mother. “Mom, this is Laura Taltson, she has given me a hand all day. Can you drop her off at her house?”


“Sure, hi Laura, where do you live?”

“2345 Oliver St.” she said softly.

“Oh that no problem, that two block off of Taylor street where I was going.”

So that sat back and relax as his mother drove them to Laura’s house. It was a nice single story house in the middle of the block.

Laura turned to get out of the car but stop as Carl rested his hand on her arm. Looking at him, she saw a nice smile on his face. “Laura, as soon as I am able to get around better I am taking you out to a dinner.”

He moved his hand and watched as she exited the car and hurried to her front door there she turned and waved at him.


“She appears to be a nice girl Carl.”

“Yes she’s in half of my classes; in my first class as I was getting my things together she offered to carry my backpack. I was shocked speechless; a girl, offering to carry my books. She is a very popular girl in school. We got a lot of strange looks. I’m going to take her out to dinner later when I have recovered more.”


“Good! Now here is where I was going.” She pulled up in front of a two story brick house. A sign in front with the name of a real estate company and saying ‘For Lease’ told why they were here.


“Mom! This place is bigger than our home. Can we afford to rent it?”

“Yeah, there’s a problem with it. They would love to sell this place. From what I leaned they can’t keep it occupied. They can’t get an offer for it. They will rent it for $500 a month with a six month lease.”

Carl turned and looked at his mom. “What wrong with it. I may not know much about real estate. But I know that our mortgage was like $1,100 a month, and house payments are less then rent.”


“There is this thing in law where you have to tell the truth about conditions of a house before you can sell it. I got the facts out of them. It’s haunted. A whole family was murdered by some home invasion people six years ago. Nobody since has been able to spend more than two weeks in the house.”

“I took a chance bases on what I’ve seen you and Peggy doing. We will buy it when you tell me it’s cleared.’

“So let inspect it.” She said getting out of the car. Carl got out of the back seat and joined his mother as she walked up to the front door.

She inserted the key and opened the door. Carl gripped her arm as she started to step inside. “My turn Mom.”

He pulled her away from the open door. Turning he began to walk around the house counter clock wise. Under his breath he began a chant. He felt the beginning of the wards building up as he completed his second circle. His mother had retreated back to the car. He felt the pressure increasing as a resistance was encountered. With a twist of his mind a miniature sun appeared and began to feed him energy. He in turn used that energy to sweep the house from basement to attic.

Just as he approached the last couple of steps needed to complete the third circle there was a flash of light and a glowing portal appeared with a ‘whoosh’ multiple balls of light flashed from the house into the glowing portal. He made the last step and the circle of protection was completed. The glowing portal faded and everything appeared normal once more.


He turned to look for his mother and she was standing in the street on the other side of her car. Her eyes were huge and her hand was over her mouth.

“I think its okay Mom. Come on let inspect it.”

It was a much nicer house than the one they had been living in. Downstairs was a kitchen, dining room, living room, den or office area with lots of outlets.  Off the kitchen was what his mother called wash room. It had washers and dryer connections with an exit to a garage.

There was actually a three car garage. On the other side of the kitchen, there was a pantry with lots of room and shelves. The basement entrance was in the garage. The door from the garage was in an alcove that had stairs going up and down.

After inspecting the basement, which was almost twice the size of their previous basement they took the stairs all the way up to the second floor which had a door leading into the upper hall way. The hallway ended to one side almost immediately at a door that opened into an apartment build over the garage. It has a small kitchenette a large bedroom and its own huge bathroom. Carl took one look at it and said mentally ‘MINE!’

There were three more bedrooms two across the hall from each other and at the end of the hallway an even larger Master Bedroom. Coming back out of the master bedroom they found a hall bathroom right next to the master bedroom bathroom.

Carl looked at his mother, “Can we buy it? Can we afford it?”
His mother had a look of shock on her face he could hear her muttering, “$500” over and over to herself. Finally she pulled some papers out of her purse and began to examine them closely.

Carl learned later that the contract his mother had signed gave her the option of buying the property in the next six months at a ridiculously low amount. She told him the amount was about a third what the house should be worth.

“Is it haunted Carl?”

“Not anymore, I have no idea what it was, maybe just an energy trap from the violence, but it’s clean now. And as soon as I add a few more things it will never happen again.”

Even as he was telling his mother this he was reinforcing his wards. They were already at what he conceived to be ‘Level 10 Shields’ the place would survive a zero point targeted nuclear blast. He expanded the shielded area to the property lines. Then he put up an inner shield.


In the basement he reinforced all the foundation and structural supports. Then he hardened the floors and walls and put in more wards to contain all energy created in this area within the area. No more exploding basements.  It was large enough to make two areas, one to do experiments and the other to study and relax in. He loved the connecting stairwell.  He could come from his bedroom directly to the basement without disturbing anybody else in the house. With the connection to the Garage when he got his license he would be able to come and go without disturbing them also. He reinforced the ward/shields over the garage doors so nobody could slip in behind a car.

“Carl, we need to go.”

“Yeah mom, oh, that’s my room over the garage.”

“Carl, I know it’s ours for the next six months but it’s awfully big for us.”

“Mom, I saw your face as you went through the dining room and kitchen, and that’s not counting the pure look of greed when you were in the den. How much do they want?”

“$65,000” she said softly. Carl turned slowly and looked at her. He knew enough to know that his mother would be stealing the place if she bought it. She looked over at him as they locked it up.

“They had twenty different renters, none would stay more than two weeks and that was a family that only moved in that last two days of the two weeks. At first they tried to sale it. The people who bought it abandoned it in one week, and they had to foreclose. Auction was at $99,000; that family ended up in the hospital and sued the real estate company for selling a hazardous home without warning. They won the suit.”

“That scared the Real Estate Company so they tried to rent it. One of the women in the office said they actually hired a paranormal investigator he is in the hospital also. “


“Now they give full disclosure so as to cut down on their liability. I think I could bargain them down to $50,000 with no problem if I sign a complete release on all warranty.”

“How much a month would that be?” Carl asked.

“Less than the rent is, and that a 15 year mortgage, with no down payment. Than we would use the insurance money to payout our old mortgage and still have some money left over to help with furnishing. It scares me Carl. We will be better off in six months then we were before this happened. We will own an empty lot where we use to live, be buying a better home, and paying less than we did before.”

“Carl, you Uncle Rick talked to me today. He explained that you two had agreed to go into business together. He would bring his business experience and contacts. You would supply the magic. I am skeptical or was, than he took me to his warehouse and showed me our home. That was a shock. Then he explained what he had seen. He is right. If you can do that on a regular basis you two will make a small fortune.”

“I want you to go to college! So I will agree if you promise me keep on studying and go to college.”

“Mom, I know that I don’t know everything. I know that college is more than just a piece of paper saying I have a degree.  I think that what you really want of me is to learn how to learn and think; yes I can agree to that with no problem.

“I think I can learn to do things that can be translated to the regular world. Like a power source that can make energy available at dirt cheap rates, maybe even the stars eventually. But I know I need to learn more.”

They drove away from their home to be when it hit him. Their new home would be less than two block from Laura Taltson. A grin settled on his face as he leaned back to contemplate the future.




My thanks to Grumpybear and TeNderLoin and txagband59 for their editing and proofing help. But the final results are mine and all criticism should be loaded onto my shoulders.


© Virgil Lee Fuqua III and ‘vlfouquet.wordpress’, 2008-2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Vlfouquet and Virgil Lee Fuqua III with appropriate and specific direction to the original contents.




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One With The Universe

Chapter 3


Carl was sitting in the swing in his aunt and uncle’s back yard, ‘Peggy’s Garden’ as they called it. He was watching Peggy float in her favorite relaxing pose, a full lotus three feet off the ground. “How the heck are you doing that?”

Peggy opened her eyes and gently floated to the ground. “I simply make myself one with the universe and all things are possible.”


“Ehn Yeah, I understand. You say to-may-toes and I say to-ma-toes that makes all kinds of sense.” This was the major problem with Carl and Peggy sharing information on magic. She was a true believer. He was not. She saw it all through rose colored glasses. Carl looked for the clear signs of unknown science and technology, ready at any moment to jump in and measure it.


Peggy had been able to put Star Trek level shields around her home. She could make and throw fire balls and float like Buddha. And while nobody had seen them, Carl was sure that any real attempt to get through her “shields” would see her bringing out phasers and photon torpedoes.


Carl thought for a minute, “why not?” With a little thought, he could have had something similar.  He had read at least three speculative articles on how to generate gravity fields and to use them for an anti-gravity effect. But all three were absolutely impossible with today’s technology. “Darn I’ve got to get my laboratory fixed back up.”


“Good luck with that.” Peggy said as she stood up and walked into her house. Carl brought his legs up and stretched out in the swing seat. Propping his head up on the arms of the swing he began to contemplate his place in the universe.


First the shields he thought. There were potentially a dozen ways to do them. Use ‘Maxwell demons’ to make the molecules of air solidify along a razor edge so that no material substance could penetrate the barrier created. Simply removing all random motion on that edge would do that. But, that would not stop particles smaller than air molecules such as photons from a laser. How about a vibrating electromagnetic field at a frequency so high that it would rip atoms apart? Nah!


He closed his eyes and went to sleep.      Alcubierre warp fields surrounded him as he cruised away from earth at multiple times the speeds of light. Faintly he thought nah, takes too much energy to hold those warp fields, but that was the same problem with all those anti-gravity theories. What it came down to was E=mc2. Yeah that was it, energy… energy… energy… was mass which will warp space. Carl came to his feet screaming, “ENERGY!”, and there it was, a miniature sun floating above the garden.


The backdoor slammed open and Peggy ran outside to see what he was doing. Not far behind her came two men in suits.  Aunt Clara was right on their heels.


“Carl what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

The two men froze, looking up in the air at the miniature sun. Peggy cocked her head to the side and Carl saw her snap her fingers like she did when working a powerful spell. Nothing happened that he could see. She slowly turned to face Carl.


“One with the universe.” She said calmly.


Carl looked up at his sun. This was not a ball of flame. It was obviously a solid ball of energy. One of the men was talking on a mike clipped to his collar. The other was trying to convince Aunt Clara that she needed to get back inside the house.


Carl had begun to dance around the yard, still screaming “ENERGY” every so often. He grabbed Peggy and threw her into the air, where she caught herself with a smile and just floated.  Aunt Clara had never seen Peggy float.  She stopped asking questions and just stood there with an open mouth. The man who had been trying to get her back inside the house now was standing staring at Peggy with his mouth open.


Carl thought if this did not stop soon they were going to have a several mouths full of bugs. He looked up at Peggy, “It’s like Archimedes said, give him a lever long enough and he could move the world. He was right! But the lever is ENERGY!” He began to spin around like crazy and slowly drifted up into the air where he grinned at Peggy. He tried to get into a full lotus position but his legs were just not flexible enough to do so.


He waved at his sun and it blinked and went out. He continued to float next to Peggy. The backyard started to fill up with more and more suits showing up. “Carl, Carl we need you to come down here.”  He looked down at the yard and there was his mother with her arms about Aunt Clara.


“Okay mom! Hey Peggy your mother looks a little worried we better get down there to them.”  With that he began to slowly drift to the ground.

As his feet touched the ground, his mother grabbed him in a hug. Then she squeezed. “Mom egh I can’t breathe!” She loosened her grip on him. He looked over to where Peggy was getting the same treatment from her mother.


Through the backdoor Special Agent Drake appeared. “What have they been up to now?”

At that half the men in the backyard all started talking at once. He held up his hands and they all stopped. Then he pointed at one of the two first men to first appear in the back yard.


That agent tried to calmly explain what he had seen and what he thought he had seen. By the time he finished he was talking so rapidly that his words were one long garbled sound.


Agent Drake again held up his hand, “Clear this area, men remember this is top secret DHS.”

Then he walked over to Carl. “Okay, in understandable words, explains what got my people in such an uproar.”


“Where to start, did you know that Peggy can float?”

“Float? No, I did not, but that’s just levitation. A lot of witches can do that.”

“Peggy show him, like this?” he asked as Peggy once more floated up off the ground and resumed her favorite position of a full lotus.


Agent Drake walked over to where she floated and then around her. He closed his eyes and just stood there. Then he opened them and gazed over at Carl. “Can you do it too?”


“The first time I saw her do Magic when I got ready to go home she was doing it. I could never figure out how? She is just floating. I don’t believe in magic I think I have told you that. Well if she was moving I could accept that better. Then it’s just a ballistic trajectory from point A to point X along a curve I can work that out. But just floating, defying gravity! No Way Jose! Can’t be done! Not without a large bag of lighter than air gas.”


“Well I was sitting here all afternoon watching her do that!” He pointed at Peggy.

“She kept saying she was one with the universe. Gobbledly gook!”

“I lay back on the swing over there and trying to contemplate how it could be done. I mean, I know of at least three theories on gravity that might be able to do it but they are so far beyond earth technology that it’s the same as saying impossible!”


“Well I fell asleep. I was dreaming that I was inside a warp field cruising away from earth at multiple times the speed of light. I though Nah, takes too much energy to generate the warp fields. Then I kept going, but that’s impossible it takes too much energy! I woke, and jumped to my feet. I think I went a little crazy. I started screaming ENERGY! Archimedes stated that if he had a long enough lever he could move the world. What he really meant was that if he had enough energy he could move the world. It all comes down to ENERGY! With energy all things are possible!”


He turned and pointed up in the air, “ENERGY!” and his miniature sun appeared once more. Drake glanced at it then back at Carl. Then he slowly turned and looked at the sun. In a whisper he said, “Energy?”


He then looked at Carl who was grinning and slowly drifting into the air. “ENERGY!”

Then with a thought that twisted space itself Carl was surrounded by a glowing ball: a full spherical force field. Then it was gone and Carl once more just floated in the air, but around his neck was a chain from which a pendant now hung.


“Wow Carl! That was neat; you have a portable shield!” Peggy was grinning at him. He held another chain and pendant out to her.

“Here this one is for you. Activate it just like your house shields.”


Peggy took it and put it around her neck and then she too was surrounded by a glowing ball. Then it went out and she was grinning at Carl. “It was transparent from the inside. I could see everything!”


“How did you do that?” Agent Drake asked.

They turned to look at him, “We are one with the universe!”


“Agent Drake I want my laboratory back. That means our home. When will you clear everybody out so we can move back into our home?”


“Your home is still unsafe. The damage to the supports and walls was too much. It will have to be completely torn down and rebuilt.”



“Your dad talked to the insurance company and they won’t pay. They said that we had to have been storing dangerous chemicals inside to have done that much damage. Your dad is talking to a lawyer.”


“Mrs. Black, that won’t fly. All of our tests show no chemical residue except those normal from escaping gas after the explosion. We will have a talk with them and ask to see the test that beat ours.”

“Agent Drake, vacate the premises of all officials. I will level and remove all the damaged structure tonight. Mom, I will need a place to put all our personal property until you sort through it. Can you rent a large storage area for that?”


“Your Uncle has a vacant warehouse that he is remodeling he said we could use it to store things until we get our place back.”


“Okay, I will get with him when he comes home to find out where he wants us to put things. When will dad be home?”


“His job called him away to Dallas; he should be back in two days.”

“Okay, I will have our lot cleared by then. I take it that all the utilities are off?”


“Yes, we had to do that before any of our inspectors or the state could go in to look it over. I will give you authorization to reclaim you property and take full possession by tonight.” Drake told him.


“Carl, Peggy and both of you parents, we have tried to keep all of this under wraps but it has gotten too big. Word has gotten out. Somebody, I do not know who, will in the next couple of weeks make an attempt on you two kids. Most of what they have found out about you two they will blow off as just cover up to hide what you really did. What they will think and believe is that your two children are super geniuses who have invented something new. What, they don’t care. All they care about is getting it for themselves.” 


“I am stationing a team of eight agents here in town. There will be three female and five male agents. That way there will be one female on every shift. I ask you to contact them if any problems come to your attention. I will see that you have all this information. I have to go myself. My boss had a situation in Texas and it moved to East Missouri and he wants me to make a follow up.”


“Carl, you don’t believe in Magic. What’s your feeling on Gods and Goddesses? The girl I have to check on called up a Goddess who has made her a protégé. Let me tell you she is scary!”


“Well I’ll be back tonight.” With that he turned and left.

Carl turned and looked at Peggy who was looking at him. “Gods and Goddesses?” he said.


Peggy slowly started to smile, “Goddesses?”






My thanks to Grumpybear and TeNderLoin and TxAgBand for their editing and proofing help. But the final results are mine and all criticism should be loaded onto my shoulders.


© Virgil Lee Fuqua III and ‘vlfouquet.wordpress’, 2008-2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Vlfouquet and Virgil Lee Fuqua III with appropriate and specific direction to the original contents.






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A Sufficiently Superior Science

Quantum Knight

Chapter 2

A Sufficiently Superior Science 

Except for the gasp from his mother the room was so quiet that Carl could hear the cockroaches in the walls. He looked from face to face. His mother was wide-eyed, staring entranced at the miniature sun floating above Carl’s hand. His father was almost bug-eyed. The two Homeland Security Agents were the least surprise or scared.

“Do you recognize what it is?”    Carl asked them.

“We call it witch fire. You start with lighting candles and then develop control of the fire.”

“But do you know what it is?”


“So you really don’t know what it is.” His voice dropped as he closed his hand extinguishing the sun.

“Son, Carl, as far as we know it is Magic. Anybody that can learn magic learns it as the first step in practicing the art, watch.” Agent Drake said. He held out his hand and a flame appeared dancing over his palms.

Carl jerked, trying to sit up. His gazed locked onto the dancing flame, then in his mind he came to the conclusion that “Flame minus ‘C’ equal no flame.” And the dancing flame in Agent Drakes hand went out.

He lay back down and took a deep breath.


The flame reappeared in the Agent’s hand and he relaxed. “What happened Drake?”

“I’m not sure just all of a sudden the flame went out.”

“Well, we still don’t know what happened in the basement at their house.”

“Thanks for the reminder. Mr. and Mrs. Black, Carl, that is what we need to know; what happened in your basement? The other agencies are trying to find the chemicals or device that exploded in the basement of your house. From the results they can calculate out the force of the explosion and it is contradictory. It has to be x big and 2x small which is impossible.  That, of course, brings us on to the scene. It took them about two hours to come to that conclusion. Let me tell you, none of them likes it but there is a standing order now; if it’s impossible, contact and turn it over to the HLS Anti-Terrorism Division.”


Sometimes we are able to come up with a scientific and rational explanation and can turn it back over to the right agency to finish the investigation. But we have found two flags that say this belongs to us. The first is this book. This book is a big red flag. The second is that flame you showed us a minute ago. We now have two really big red flags.” He turned to the other agent who had been talking on his phone.


“Our agents bounced. She has a force five ward on her home.”


“They joined forces and the ward went up to force 7. The house is now in a shining ball of light. I told them to evacuate the neighborhood and contain the area.”

“Star Trek shields.”

“What did you say?”

“I said she has Star Trek shields. Watch out for her phaser and photon torpedoes.”


“Oh my god! Wolf, tell our agent to pull back but continue evacuation of that neighborhood!  Symbolic logic of course, the symbol is the thing!”


“Well, of course Drake almost the first thing we learn.” Wolf answered.


“Carl, explain, how did she visualize the wards?”


“What are you talking about? Wards? Star Trek shields? Phaser?” His dad interrupted them.

“A minute Mr. Black.”

“I told her I did not believe in magic when she loaned me her book.” Carl paused.

 “Then she tried to quote me a saying in science fiction. Arthur C. Clarke said it, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” She explained that she had no idea how they made shields on Star Trek but she could make wards that were no different. So I would imagine she would mix her visualizations from her favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies, and she has seen a lot of them. Plus, she has a genius IQ. When we left her house the other night my last sight of her was her floating in a lotus position three feet off the ground. If you hit her wards you might be in trouble. Get me out of here let me introduce you to her.”

“Okay, strong visualization, Wolf, alert Abrigal that we have a super genius sorceress.”

“Do you know what she did in your basement?”

“She did nothing. It was the result of my follow-up to the first example in her book. After I made it work, I took it apart and examined it to determine why and how it worked. When I finally figured it out, I simple rewrote the spell and simplified it. Then just as I did the new spell a complete understanding of the FLAME came to me. It affected my visualization.”

“Oh, how long had you been practicing with the book?”

“Two times, first with the book lighting a candle and then with my simplified spell.”

“Two times…?”

“What was the change you made in the spell? Circles, four candles for the four elements, name them, and then call on fire to the light the fifth candle.”

“’a’ = ‘A’, ‘b’ = ‘B’, ’c’= ‘C’, ‘d’ = ‘D’, then  A plus B plus C plus D equal FLAME”

“But my visualization of FLAME was of the ultimate source of FLAME the SUN I was lucky I used a very small sun.”

“The Sun!”

“What did you mean that Einstein hated Quantum Physics?”

“Well he did, he called it ‘that spooky thing that works at a distance’. He spent most of his later years trying to come up with unified field theory to explain everything but Quantum Physics kept getting in his way. He could not do it without explaining Quantum Physics and the effect it had on the universe.  The laws of contagion and Quantum Physics are the same thing!”

“You are kidding?”

“No I am as serious as a heart attack. That’s why I need to get up and over to Peggy’s house. What if she set up a worm hole? She could suck the whole solar system into it.”

“Wolf, get his doctor in here now!”

“Wait a moment! Carl, you are not going anywhere! You have been injured.” His father was frowning at him.

Wolf came back through the door dragging Carl’s Doctor. “Doctor you need to discharge this kid. We need to go now!” Agent Drake told the Doctor.

“He will be released in the morning.” The Doctor was getting on his high horse.

Agent Drake held out his hand and flames appeared over his palm.”Now doctor! We have no time. The whole town could burn to the ground.”

The bug-eyed doctor grabbed Carl’s records and ran from the room with Agent Wolf on his tail. “Mom, where are my clothes?”

“They cut them off of you when the ambulance brought you to the hospital.” A nurse rushed into the room and began to disconnect him from all the equipment in the room. Needles came out of his arms and patches on his head and chest were ripped off taking hairs with them. The next thing he noticed the room was full of men. One each took his parents by the arms and led them away. Two more moved him into a wheelchair and he was pushed down the hall. His bare ass was freezing against the plastic seat.

In minutes, he was in the center of the middle seat of a black Tahoe with tinted windows which was speeding down a street. In front were two more Tahoes and when he looked over his shoulder at least two more were behind the one he was riding in. Special Agent Drake was not in the Tahoe with him but Wolf was.

“Excuse me Agent Wolf, but what has Magic got to do with Anti-Terrorism?”

Agent Wolf who was riding shotgun turned to look back at him; “That book you had was written by Abrigal Silverlocks. She is 172 years old and about three years ago she decided she wanted to be a published author. Now, as she tells it, she is one of the ten most powerful adepts in the world. She is not sure who the other nine are, which is understandable. Well when she got her book written and published, over one million copies were sold as a kid’s book. Kids have the right mind set to learn magic; they have not reached a time that has hardened their mind to ‘magic’. These kids started to do magic: Real Magic.”

“Some started speculating on whether they should change their older brother into a cute little kitty cat. One boy was thinking “if only that girl was in love with me. Could I write a spell to make her love me?” By the way, Abrigal states that there are no spells for love, just lust. Well, when her fan mail started arriving Abrigal freaked out. Soon she was writing letters to kids all over the US explaining why they should not do what they were speculating on.”

“Hugh, our boss had been on medical leave from a bullet he had taken and the doctors said he would probably be crippled for life. He found the book in a pile of donated material to the rehab he was going to and just to amuse himself he tried the fire spell. Now that spell has a geas on it, so that it is the easiest spell in the book to cast and get to work. Abrigal did that to help encourage the readers to try other spells. That helps to thaw the frozen mindset which is really frozen in adults.”

“Well, he used the health section of the book to help cure his wound and was soon walking with no help: a real miracle cure. He made up some protection charms and shared them with the people on his teams. It did not escape the attentions of his bosses that he was solving cases faster than any other team leader. They also noticed that his people were having fewer injuries than other teams.  He got promoted and then he started leaving a copy of the book lying around where members of his teams would pick it up. Soon, he had created a couple of teams whose members could do some magic.  Then he started having team meetings after hours and letting us know why we were having such success. Then the day came when we met Abrigal. When she explained to Hugh what had happened and how there were now millions of young budding wizards all over America and how she had to make sure they did not trip over the Tri-fold law, he volunteered our division to help. You really do not want a million Mickey Mouse’s in The Sorcerer Apprentice loose in America.”

“It has become a full time job now! Terrorists? God I wish it was that simple. We had a Novice Sorceress in Texas six months ago who actually met a Goddess and became her appointed Priestess with the ability to call out the Great Hunt. She has now gone off to college in Missouri and we have four agents assigned full time to watch over her.”

“Young females seem to be the best target for learning this stuff.”

The Tahoe slowed down and eased through a road block in seconds. It then turned and headed down the street on which Carl’s aunt and uncle lived.

“What about my aunt and uncle. Uncle Rick should have been at work still?”

“Your father called him and he came home in case your Aunt wanted to go visit your Mom. So, we believe both of them are at their house.”

The Tahoe stopped a block from the house. It was obvious which house it was. Surrounded by a hemisphere that glowed bright even in the mid-day sunlight. “Wow, that is bright. What is the effect you are getting from it?”


“Electrical shock, less than a stun gun on contact. Nothing physical can penetrate it. Laser range finders explode like a stick of dynamite.”

“Ouch that was Dune.”


“Yeah, in Frank Herbert’s book Dune. When lasers are used against the shields the laser generators explode almost like atomic bombs.”

“God, not quite that bad! Our man that tried that ended up in the hospital with his hand shattered and his arm broken but he will recover.”

“Good, but you see why I insisted that I needed to get here?”

“Yeah, we have learned not to kick the door down and rush one of you kids when we find you. That Sorceress I was talking about, we still have not been able to get into her lab in her basement. She has these real huge dogs that are three or four hundred pounds with red glowing eyes that seem to be able to walk through walls. She says they are Hell Hounds and we believe her.  She is more like you, not your cousin. She once got to talking about quantum entanglement and just lost all of us.”

“Quantum Entanglement? I had not even thought about that. Let me think, yeah… that would work!!!!”

“Agent Wolf! Tell Agent Drake I need that book he found in my room.”


Carl stood outside the Tahoe about a block from Peggy’s house. Carl was making a circle in the dirt of an alley. In the circle, the book lay on the ground and Carl stood over the book. The circle was over eight feet in diameter. He pointed at the north side of the circle and a flame appeared burning brightly. He rotated to face the south side and pointed and another flame burst into being. Then the east side and the west side. His parents stood outside the circle near the Tahoe with a couple of agents who watch interestingly.

His mother was in his father’s arms as both watched with gaping mouths. Carl relaxed, trying to not think of his parents. He had to get to Peggy. A field appeared around him, glowing brightly like the Ward around his aunt and uncle’s house. He did the mental equation that showed the book was part of Peggy and as such belonged inside her house. Since the book was part of his circle, if the book belongs inside Peggy’s house so did the circle. With a loud bang the circle imploded and he, the book and the circle were all gone.

For a moment he was dazed. Then he got a grip on himself and stood up straight. He was standing in Peggy’s bedroom. He bent over to pick up the book. His backless gown split wide and he mooned the whole bedroom. Standing up he exited the bedroom. He could hear Aunt Clara and Uncle Rick talking down stairs so he headed there. He found them in the Breakfast room. Peggy was setting quietly in her chair eating a cookie and drinking her milk.

“Rick, what is going on? Those trucks drove up and men surrounded the house and then that glow surrounded the house and now we can’t see out or leave!”

“I have no idea Clara. When I touched it, it shocked me but not like a deadly electrical shock more like a warning. When I punched it with the broom handle it could not go through it.” Carl could see Peggy looking from her mother to her dad. When she was not drinking her milk she was biting her lips.

“Aunt Clara, Uncle Rick, I will try and explain it to you. Oh Peggy, I really believe in Magic now!”

“Carl! How did you get here? How are you? The last we heard you were in the hospital.”

“Rick, hush, can’t you see he’s wearing one of those awful hospital gowns.”

Carl, in the meantime, had caught his cousin up in his arms as she had thrown herself across the room. “It’s ok, Peggy.”

Then Peggy backed out of his arms and looked him over. “How did you get through my shields?”

“Shields, what shields? What are you talking about Peggy?”

“Everybody hold it!” Carl held up his hands.

“I was in the hospital until I heard what was happening here at your house. I did not even have any clothes; they had cut mine off of me. Peggy, I simply did a ‘Beam me up Scotty!’”

“A transporter beam! Cool!”

“Well not really a transporter bean; but something similar. I had your book and that book was yours and should be with you. I had the books so I should be with you too. Get it?”

“Oh, Carl you are so smart!”

“Hey Kiddo look!” with that a ball of glowing flames appeared floating in mid air!

“It is not burning any fuel here it’s being fueled at its place of origin.”

“What the hell!” Uncle Rick had grabbed Aunt Clara and backed away.

“Wow, that’s really cool! You are the smartest person in the world Carl.”

“Any way Peggy we have a lot of Federal Agents outside that wants to talk to you. They really like your shields but they are kind of scared that something could go wrong. It turns out that the author of your book has to police all of her fans that read her book. She has to keep them from causing real problems.”

“Aunt Clara, do you have anything of mine here that I could wear?”

With that question, she settled down and hurried to find him some clothes. “Those cookies look good. I have not had anything to eat in hours.”

Peggy rushed into the kitchen and came back with a plate of cookies and a bottle of orange juice. She set it down on the table and hurried back into the kitchen. She returned while he was busy drinking the orange juice and gobbling cookies. She had made him a lunch meat sandwich. The sandwich quickly followed the cookies into his stomach.

“Here you go Carl, I don’t know how I got them but I knew I had seen them not to long ago.”

Carl grabbed the clothes and stood up. Looking around, he saw both Aunt Clara and Peggy watching him. “I know I am kind of interesting but can you please turn around until I get dressed.”

With that, they both laughed and turned their backs on him. He quickly dropped the gown and slipped the jeans on without any underwear and then pulled the shirt over his head. He felt a million times better being covered up and he sat back down.

Carl explained about Peggy loaning him her book on magic and how he had caused an explosion in his lab in the basement.

“You’re saying that Magic is real?” His Uncle Rick had asked.

“Of course Magic is Real, it’s in the Bible! That means it’s real.” Aunt Clara insisted. His Uncle waited until she was looking at Carl and Peggy before he looked up at the ceiling and shrugged.

“I don’t know how to answer that question, it is and it ‘ain’t’. Arthur Clark said that Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Peggy used her idea of science fiction and fantasy to create effects that were basically pure magic. I could not accept that until she reminded me of what Arthur C. Clarke had stated. I approached it from the viewpoint that it was not really magic but a superior science or technology and that worked for me. A spell is an equation that expresses what you want to happen.  I took a spell and rewrote it in a form I understood and not only did it work but it was  a hundred times more powerful.”

“But you have to be careful who learns it. It is like nitroglycerin. It’s really quite simple. I could write out how to make it so that any high school chemistry student could make it. But that would not be a good idea, because most high school kids are not mature enough to not make it.  Oh Peggy, when I did that beam me up I used a ritual to do it and I felt that ruler being waved behind me in that really big hand. It was a very scary feeling. But when I almost blew up our house, I felt nothing.”

“We need to lower your shields and make contact with the Feds outside.”

It took a couple of hours, not just to drop the shields but to do it in an orderly fashion.

Over the next couple of days things in the small town went back to normal or as normal as a town with two new young magic users can ever get.



My thanks to Grumpybear and TeNderLoin and TxAgBand for their editing and proofing help. But the final results are mine and all criticism should be loaded onto my shoulders.


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Quantum Knight Has Been Moved

I came to the conclusion that Quantum Knight was being hid. Yes, some readers especially new ones were completely over looking the story. So I have decided to remove the separate pages I was posting the story on and instead repost each chapter on the main page sequentially.   I hope this will make it easier to read.



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Magic vs Science a Compromise

Magic vs Science a Compromise 

 Chapter 1


Carl sneaked into his house through the back door.  He stood still, listening for his mother. He heard a drawer slam shut in his parent’s bedroom. Moving quickly, he ducked down the hallway and slipped into his bedroom. He quietly pushed his door shut. Dropping his book bag on his desk, he moved into his bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror. His right eye was already turning black and a little blood seeped out a nostril. A shirt pocket hung loose where it had been torn.


Both his upper arms hurt where he had been held. Damn! There was no way his mother would miss seeing how he looked. At least his father was out of town and would not be telling him he had to stand up for himself. How was he supposed to stand up to four football players?  Any one of them could whip his butt. But four of them? He would have to be the Karate Kid on steroids to stand up to all four of them.


He slowly eased out of his clothes. His stomach and ribs were turning yellow already. He started filling up his bath with hot water. Lowering himself into the tub, he took it easy until he was fully submerged letting the hot water soak his sore muscles.  He leaned back resting his head on the tub edge. Closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep.


“Carl? Carl! You’d better not fall asleep in there. We’re going over to my sister’s tonight, so you need to get out of the bath and get dressed.”


At the first sound of his mother’s voice calling him, he snapped awake and sat up in the bathtub. He winced with pain as he pulled the muscles on his right side. He slowly pulled himself up. He got out of the bathtub and dried off. It took a while but he got dressed.


The big question to him was, “why?” Why was he the target of these four dumb jocks? He no sooner thought the question than it answered itself. “Dumb Jocks!” It was hard to believe, but maybe they were just jealous. None of them had made a grade above a “C” since kindergarten. He had heard that they did not even get better than a “C” in gym. They barely qualified academically for the football team. He had been on the “A” honor roll ever since middle school. Here it was, his junior year in High School, and he was already taking advanced courses.  He even had dual enrollment at the local community college.  With summer school, he could apply to graduate from high school before the start of the next fall semester. In fact, he would be going full time at the community college next fall.


Could it be that simple? Well that meant there was nothing he could do now that would fix the problem.  He started thinking about overcoming the problem. He was no wimp. His gym class grade was an “A” which meant he actually did better in gym than those four ‘jocks’! He just was not into team sports. To be truthful, he was not much into any sports. He just listened and exercised the way the coach taught them.


Carl walked into the kitchen where his mother was gathering her purse and keys to leave. Turning, she saw him for the first time since he had come home. “Carl! My God Carl, what happened to you?”


“I got jumped by four of the dumbest jocks in school. I mean did they think I could hide what I looked like after they beat me up?”


“I’m calling the police!”

“No Mom! That won’t help. There were no witnesses, just me and them. They will come up with something like I attacked them with a club and they just defended themselves. Then I will be in trouble.”


“But Carl we can’t let them get away with this.”

“I’m thinking about it, Mom. Now let’s go over to Aunt Clara’s. She did say she was fixing fried chicken didn’t she?”

“Oh Carl, you don’t even like fried chicken!”

“I know Mom, but it’s better than liver and onions.”



“Aunt Clara, you out-did yourself! That was the best fried chicken I have ever eaten.”

“Carl, you can’t fool me, you just want that extra banana pudding.”

“Now that was a surprise, I had no idea you were going to make banana pudding, tonight.”

“Carl, we have all been sneaking around the subject like it was contagious, but it is obvious that you were in a fight. Who was it, and how did it happen?”  Uncle Rick asked, leaning back in his chair drinking his coffee.


Quiet settled around the table. Peggy, his cousin who was only eleven, got very still waiting to hear the answers.

“Uncle Rick, I got jumped by four of the dumbest football players in school. I guess I am lucky two of them held me while the other two did the hitting. If they had let me go I would have fallen to the ground and probably gotten the hell kicked out of me. These guys have never made a grade higher than a ‘C’ since kindergarten. I mean it! They have not even made a higher grade in gym class.”


Uncle Rick looked at his sister-in-law, “Did you report it to anyone?”

“No, Carl told me not to. He said that it was their four words, to his one and that he could, in fact, get in trouble.”


“Smart thinking Carl, but is it over or will they continue to come after you?”

“Well, Uncle Rick, I figured it out. Its jealousy, I am smart, and they are dumb. They know this and blame me for having the brains, which they don’t have. In fact now that they got away with it… and probably enjoyed the hell out of it… they will probably come back for more.”


“Oh. no Carl! We have to do something.”

“Well one thing is to getting to school and back home. I don’t think they will jump me at school where there are so many witnesses.”


“Heck, if nothing else Mom, I will transfer to another high school. I could always go to one of the magnet schools.”


“I think that’s enough for now. Ladies, why don’t you go to the living room and do your normal gossiping. Carl if you want to talk more about this, I’ll be in my workshop out in the garage.”


Everybody got up from the dinner table and scattered.


Carl turned; trying to figure where he could go that nobody would be digging at his wounds. A motion attracted his attention. He saw his cousin standing in the kitchen doorway motioning for him to join her. She turned and headed out the back door. He hesitated for a moment, shrugged and followed her.




The backyard was a scene from a fairy tale. In a corner, a waterfall of lichen covered rock gave off a tinkling sound as water flowed and dripped over the rocks. The water then flowed down a rock covered miniature stream until it widened out into a small pool. In this pool a few Koi fish swam around. All of this was new since his last visit. How in the heck did they get all of this done in that short of time?


His next thought was this must have cost a fortune. Carl went and examined the pool closely, looking for the outlet that had to be there to take the water back to the top of the waterfalls. He found it under an overhanging rock ledge. There had to be a filter over that outlet to prevent debris and fish from being sucked in the piping system.


“Nice! But it must cost a fortune to put in and to maintain.”

“Not really, we use solar power to keep the water flowing, replace the water filter once a month and that’s it. Dad put in the pumping system and solar power system, and then got a Japanese landscaper to come in and build the landscape. He charged us less than half his normal price, as he uses this as a demonstration of his work. Dad actually makes money from it, as a lot of the landscaper’s customers want that waterfall idea themselves.”


“Carl, remember that time you put fire in my hands?”

“Yeah you were like… eight. That was what… three years ago?”


She held out her hand, and a flame started burning above it.”


“Wow! I didn’t see you light that up and that is a lot flame.”


Carl had turned heading towards Peggy.  As he neared her, she moved her hand and dropped it leaving a ball of flame drifting in the air. He approached it then slowly walked around it. There appeared to be nothing supporting the flames.


Carl stopped and just stared. “What the hell is burning? There’s no fuel!”


“Hum, I never thought about that. I just order the flame to be there and there it is.”

“Unless, it’s not really there,” with that he swept his hand toward the flame.

“Stop Carl!” Peggy jumped toward him, but Carl stopped with his hand more than ten inches from the flame. He quickly pulled it back. He could definitely feel the heat.


“It’s a real flame!” Peggy said. “I have burnt sticks and paper and just about anything that burns by sticking it in the flames.”


“You said you ordered the flame to be there and it was. Can you make it move?”


“Yes, watch.”


The flames started moving in circles, and then into figure eights. It went back and forth over the back yard. Finally Peggy snapped her fingers, and the flame was gone.


“How are you doing it?”

“You are not scared?”

“Well I might be later when I have had time to think about it. Now I am just curious about what the fuel was and how you controlled it.”


“At first it was just a candle. Then, as I learned more about controlling it, I expanded the things it did.”


“I got this book on Magic. Real magic, not tricks. It is supposed to be a pre-apprentice book, to get a person familiar with magic before becoming a student. It teaches you about the laws of magic and some of the techniques on how to actually do magic. One of the things that it emphasizes is the Tri-fold law.  ‘Do as you please but with harm to none, for what you sow will be return three fold’. “


“I have figured out that the three-fold law mainly applies to ritualized magic. That’s the most powerful. Whenever I start doing that kind of magic I feel like there’s this real big person standing right behind me with a ruler in hand just waiting for me to make a mistake. So I don’t do those anymore.”


“Ritualized?” Carl asked.

“Yeah, those with circles and candles and really long spells and lots of ingredients; the last time I did one was to put protective wards on our house.”


“Wards?” Carl was beginning to feel like a parrot.

“Yes, think Star Trek Shields.”

“That is not magic that’s just science.”

“Oh? Do you know how they make a shield? Well I don’t. But I know how to make a ward! And my wards seem to act just like a Star Trek Shield. Here, take my book but you better not lose it. I think if you can learn to use it then you can build some protection for yourself.”

“Peggy, I don’t believe in Magic.”

“Carl you know I have read every one of those science fiction books you gave me. I read what that one author said. A significantly super technology cannot be different than magic.”


“Oh you mean Arthur C. Clark’s third law? He said, that ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’”


“Yeah, that’s what I said. So just think of this as a super technology, if you can’t believe in magic.”


Carl sat there for a while. Peggy was right. She had shown him something that she claimed was real magic. He could not accept that. Now if she had said it was a magic trick he would tried to find the fuel source. Also, how she had hid the physical connections. The words ‘real magic’ threw his whole mental viewpoint off. Whatever it was, it worked.


“Thanks Peggy, I’ll try to get it back next week.”


He went over to a swing set and took a seat. A light shining over his shoulder from a yard lamp was it easily bright enough for reading. He examined the book closely. It looked like a book for pre-school kids. It was covered with pictures of geese on the cover. The title was ‘Here a geese, there a geese and every where a geese, geese, geese.’ He opened it and began to read.


He had made it half way through the book before his mother called him, “Carl, we need to be going?”

“Okay Mom, be right there.”

He stood up and looked for Peggy. His eyes bugged out when he saw her sitting cross-legged but three feet off of the ground, in a full lotus position. He slowly moved around her, not wanting to disturb her.


That really shook him up. If you could make a machine to do that, man could conquer the galaxy!


Carl slipped back into the kitchen where his mother waited for him.

“Carl what do think of Peggy’s garden?”

“Peggy’s garden?”


“Yeah, I don’t tell people but she’s the one that designed the whole thing. She brought me the plans she had drawn up using a free CAD type, software. It was so detailed that I had no problem building it.  A Realtor I know came over and examined the whole deal. He told me that it increased the house value by at least $50,000 and pulled all the other nearby houses up by at least $5,000 each.”





Carl finished the book that night. He had a hard time sleeping. He kept waking up thinking about what he had read.  The next morning he headed for his ‘laboratory’. A couple of years ago his Mom and Dad had turned the basement over to him for his own use. He had turned it into a lab. He had installed all the safety equipment himself. He had fire extinguishers and armored enclosures. These were meant for his chemical experiments. 


Opening the loose-leaf bound printout of his scanned copy of Peggy’s book, he began the first example the author had used. He placed a candle inside the armored enclosure and began the experiment. After an hour he was worn out. He examined everything he had done then compared it with the book. He saw no reason for a circle. Then there was the placement of the four candles. Why did they have to be placed exactly the way the book had stated?  Why did they have to be at 90-degree distances around the circumference of the circle?


But science was about repeatability. No matter what you did, it must be repeatable. So he went back to the beginning and started over. He drew the circle inside the armored enclosure. Then he estimated where north was on the circle and marked it. Then he marked the spots about ninety degrees on either side of the first mark, and then one across from ‘north’.  Next he placed a candle on each mark, and one in the center.  He read off the chant as he lit each of the candles on the circumference of the circle.


Finally, he visualized a burning candle in the center of the circle; as the final line of the chant erupted from his mouth, “As I have spoken, so mote it be.”


He had relaxed as he had repeated the chant four times with each lighting a candle. The fifth time he just stood there looking at that unlit candle in the middle of the circle. With a ‘whoosh’ the candle lighted.


Carl jumped a full three feet backwards, tripping over his own feet and landing on his butt.


Slowly, he climbed to his feet and approached his experimental area. He stared at a circle, drawn with a black marker on a piece of paper with the four candles burning brightly.  That was no problem as he clearly remembered lighting each of them.  The fifth candle sitting in the middle of the circle was the problem. It was burning also and he knew he had not lit it.


He stood there for at least five minutes before shaking his head. He blew out the candles and removed all the items from his experimental enclosure.  He placed the items in his hazardous waste containers. Carl went to the desk on the far side of his laboratory and took another sheet of paper and laid it on his desk. With a compass he drew the most perfect circle that he could on the paper.


With a ruler he bisected the circle, using the hole where the compass had been as a guide.  He marked on the circle, where the ruler intersected the circle.  Then using a protractor he bisected the circle again at a ninety-degree angle to the first bisection. Now the circle was marked, nearly precisely at four equal spots on the circle.


Finally he got a magnetic compass from another drawer. He had used it in other experiments on electromagnetic fields. Inside the armored enclosure, he found ‘magnetic north’ and marked the four directions on the enclosure’s floor. 


He laid the paper in the center, aligning the marks with the compass points he had marked on the enclosure’s floor.  He went and got five new candles. These were ‘tea candles’ used to keep little teakettles warm. Being self-contained their own metal container, he had found them very handy when a little bit of heat was needed for his experiments. Simply by raising or lowering the items to be heated he could increase or decrease the heat being applied with reasonable and repeatable accuracy. 


He placed one of the candles on each mark on the circle and one in the center.


Taking up his striker he lit a Bunsen burner. It was over ten feet from the experimental enclosure. Opening a drawer he took out four separate fireplace matches and cut the heads off of all of them. He laid the six-inch sticks that were left on the table, next to the Bunsen burner.


Removing it from the loose-leaf binder, he picked up the printed copy of the chant and studied it. This time he took some effort to analyze what it said. It definitely was not good poetry. The meter was off and the rhymes were stretched.  So those items were not likely to be what was important.


The words! The only physical items used were the paper, the candles and the circle scribed on the paper. All the rest were symbols… actually that included the circle itself. Words are symbols that stand for something in our minds. Wow, he thought, that is it. A circle was a sign of forever, or infinity.  The candles unlit represent potential light or heat. He had lit each one while stating what that candle was symbolizing in the ‘ritual’ or, as he now thought of it, the equation’s. 


Then he considered the final part of the chant: “As I have spoken, so mote it be.” Basically, it was an old English saying meaning ‘this is’ or ‘equals’, which finalized the equation.


“Let’s see now,” Carl mumbled to himself, “if I did this and do this, it will simplify the equation. What I have been chanting, was: ‘A’ = ‘A’, ‘B’=’B’, ‘C’ = ‘C’, ‘D’=’D’, and ‘A + B + C + D = FLAME’.”


Let’s try that, he thought. Picking up a matchstick he lit it with the Bunsen burner and moved to the first candle. Lighting it he stated, “A = A”. Dropping the lit stick in the sink he picked up another matchstick and lit it at the Bunsen burner, and then lit the second candle “B = B”.


He repeated the steps till all four candles on the circle were lit.


Strange he thought I am excited, intrigued and relaxed all at the same time. “A plus B plus C plus D equals “ he paused took a deep breath and finished the formula “FLAME” with a visualization that flame was the release of energy!


The blast threw him completely across the room where his head hit the wall.

His last thoughts were “God I’m glad I didn’t write all that down!” He blacked out as he slid to the floor.




Carl’s first thought was “God what a headache!” He tried to roll over and sit up, but could do neither.


“He’s awake!”

That was his mother and he wished she would not scream in his ear like that.


He opened his eyes… or really one eye… and saw his mother as she was squeezing his hand. His father was standing on the other side of the bed and looked pale. There was a look of fright on his face. His father was not frightened of anything!


“Mom…?” Carl croaked out, then “Dad…? What are you doing home?”


“Excuse me please. Everybody step back. I have to check the patient.”

His mom let go his hand and stood up. He could see tear streaks on her face. Why had she been crying?


A man in a doctor’s smock began flashing lights in his eyes and taking his pulse. When he finished he stepped back and looked Carl in the face.

“I don’t know what happened, Son, but you are going to be okay. The MRI shows no brain injury. X-rays show no broken bones and lab tests are all normal. If pushed, I will release you in the morning. But no school for at least a week. No computer or TV for that same period. Rest your eyes.”


He turned to Carl’s parents and stepped away from the bed. Carl could not hear what he told them but he could see the look of relief on his father’s face. His father had been scared of what was wrong with him!


His mother was back at his bedside in minutes and his dad was once more standing tall looking unconcerned. Carl now knew better. It was a front. His dad’s cool exterior was all show.


“Carl, what happened in the basement? You promised not to mess with anything dangerous down there.”


“I wasn’t, in fact it was not even a chemical experiment. I have not done any experimenting in months. It was an exercise in symbolic logic.”


“Symbolic logic? Symbolic…” a voice said from the doorway. His parents turned to stare at the men grouped outside his door. Carl’s eyes focused on the book the first man was holding. It was Peggy’s book.


“Who are you?” His dad stepped between them and the doorway, blocking them from the room.


“I am Special Agent Drake, Homeland Security, Anti-Terrorism Division. These are my men. Step back Mr. Black and let’s take this to a more private discussion.”

He eased Carl’s father back away from the door and entered with one of his men.

Carl saw two more men take up positions outside his doorway before it was closed. The man that had followed Agent Drake into the room shut the door behind himself and leaned back against it.


“What do you want?” Carl’s father asked. His mother was gripping Carl’s hand like it would escape if she let go.


“First we need to talk to your son. Then we will probably have to talk to all of you. There are only three of you in your family? No daughters?”


“No, we never had any more children after Carl” his dad said.

“I can’t, complication during delivery,” his mother whispered.

“My apologizes, it’s just we have to be sure. Normally it’s a female. We rarely have a male get us involved. Carl is it? Is this your book?” He asked holding up Peggy’s book.


Before he could say anything his dad answered. “That is not his. Why look at that? It’s a kid’s book. That looks like something that Peggy would read.”


Carl closed his eye wincing.


“Who is Peggy?”  Agent Drake voice had a cold calm tone to it now.

The room was quiet as his dad realized that something dangerous had entered the room.


Carl’s voice came for the bed. “Explain why you want to know first.”

“Kid, somebody might be messing with things they do not understand. It’s part of our jobs to protect the America. So we have to investigate certain occurrences and the one at your house set off alarms over half of the nation. Now you’ve got police, ATF, fire department, and soon the FBI they will all be tearing your home apart.”

“What! Joe what is going on?” His mother asked.

“I don’t know but I am going to find out.” He pulled his cellphone out of his pocket.

“Don’t do that sir. You will just make waves. You cooperate with us and we will smooth everything out. Now who is Peggy?”

His dad answered, saying. “She is my brother’s daughter. She is only eleven and can’t be of interest to you.”


“Eleven! That’s the perfect age!” He turned to the other agent who was pulling a phone out of his pocket. “Wolf…”


“I’m on it Boss.”

Agent Drake faced back to Carl’s Dad. “Now, your son. What did he mean by an experiment in symbolic logic?”


“Hell if I know. He’s about three times smarter than I am. He might be three times smarter than anybody in this town.”


Agent Drake stepped to the side so he could see Carl on the bed. “Son, what did you mean?”


Carl laid there for a minute, thinking. He remembered when Peggy had shown him the flames in her hand. She had said nothing. Verbal speech was not necessary. He held out his hand and thought “A plus B plus C plus D equals FLAME”. However, he toned down his previous visualization of what fire was.


A miniature sun appeared above his hand. “It’s all just symbols. All those old magic spells are just equations. Einstein figured it out. That’s why he quit doing anything significant in his later years. It scared him to death. He hated Quantum Physics.”






My thanks to Grumpybear and TeNderLoin for their editing and proofing help. But the final results are mine and all criticism should be loaded onto my shoulders.


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I got a story on Amazon Kindle

Yes, that is right. I have a story posted there.  The Chronicles of Abrigal Silverlock, is now for sell at $0.99 it is short only about 1,900 kindle pages,  but this story is the first in the Abrigal Silverlocks universe, in which The Novice Sorceress, The Quantum Knight and The Last Train are found.



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