Hide and Seek

Blind Sight

Chapter 8

For the next couple of months Cassie played a game of hide and seek with Harry. She had to stay alert at all times while around the school. Cassie got used to constantly scanning around herself. Harry was very good at hiding and without her sight he would have been able to get her a couple of times.

But no matter how good he was, she was much better. She could see him in lockers waiting to jump out at her. Once he was in the girl’s restrooms hiding in one of the stalls by standing on the toilet. Once he hid in a trunk of a car. Cassie would simply change her path and not go near where he was hiding.

Finally, one day, he blocked the exit from the girl’s locker room where she was one of the last out of the shower. Cassie thought she could have got away but she was fed up with him. She took her time showering so when she was finally ready to leave he was waiting.

“I got you now you bitch! There’s nobody around to save you. When they find you the whole school will know I got the last laugh.”

“Harry, you are a fool. The only reason we are here now is I got tired and like you said there’s nobody around to see what I am going to do to you.”

He started laughing, “You! What do you think you can do to me?”

“Well Harry I could kill you but I’m not.” With that she snapped her wrist and her cane expanded as she twisted around. The cane hit his ankle with enough force to take his leg out from beneath him. He felled, hitting the floor of the hall solidly. Cassie stepped toward him and let him have a rap between his legs. Harry’s screams echoed through the empty hallway.

He grabbed his crotch and rolled into a fetal ball. Cassie whipped her cane around and lay into his butt. She gave him 10 good solid blows to his buttocks.

“Harry, I gave you fair warning. Now remember this. I will give you a whipping once a week till you quit.”

Later that night her Dad asked her

“Are you still having trouble with Hankins?”

“I have been dodging him for weeks, but today he blocked one of the exits out of the girl’s locker room. He found out that I am usually the last one to leave. There was only one way out and he was waiting there for me.”

“Well what happened?”

“I knocked his legs out from under him and when he hit the floor I sent my cane between his legs. After he rolled up in a fetal ball I whipped his butt ten times. It had to hurt. I told him that I was going to whip his ass once a week till he quit.”

“Hum, it sure is good to know that my daughter can take care of herself. Don’t get careless Cassie. This kid sounds like a real piece of work.”

“I wonder what his family is like. I mean I know sometimes it’s the whole family rather than one bad apple.”

“Don’t worry about it Cassie.”

A week later, Cassie was heading to her next class when she caught Harry kicking a smaller 7th grade boy in a hallway off the boy’s restrooms.

Without thinking about the consequences, she stepped up behind him and whipped her cane around catching Harry in the hamstring. His leg collapsed and he felled to the floor.

Once more her cane hit him between his legs. She heard a thunk and Harry rolled over and tried to get to his feet. She used her sight and found that Harry was wearing a groin protector.

“Harry you think you are getting smarter but let me tell you, quitting is the only smart thing you can do.”

She began to whip his ass with ten hard blows to his buttocks. Then she helped the other boy up and walked with him to the nurse’s office. She was late to her next class and was given three detentions.

She smiled at that then asked to speak to the vice principle.

Mr. Hardly looked up as she entered his office.”Miss Howard how can I help you?”

“Mr. Hardly, I just got myself three detentions. I feel that me sitting in the detention hall for an hour a day for three days is a real waste of my time. Would it be okay if I take these detentions with Coach Johnson? I would much rather be exercising then just sitting in my seat doing nothing.”

“Humm, well he has practice after school so it would not be like you being alone with a male teacher. Ask him and if he approves I will also. Why did you get those detentions Miss Howard?”

“I helped one of the 7th grade boys to the nurse’s office. He did not know where it was located. By the time I got there the bell had already rung. My algebra teacher sent me to the office for being tardy.”

“Miss Howard, why did you not ask the nurse for an excused pass?”

“Well I was not the one that had to go to the nurse so I did not think of it.”

“Miss Howard I will put a note in your files that all detention will be done under Coach Johnson’s supervision. You are excused for now.”

Cassie turned to leave. She scanned as Mr. Hardly wrote a note for her files. Then he wrote a memo to Coach Johnson telling of his decision.

Later, as the last bell rang out in the school Cassie made her way to the girl’s locker rooms and changed into her gym clothes. It was a nice day, so she looked for Coach Johnson outside. He was on the football field watching the team practice.

She tap, tap, tapped with her cane as she approached the Coach. Cassie also noticed that the football team was all looking her way.

“Jenkins what are you staring at. Miss Howard is in your homeroom and your history class so you see her at least once every day so get your mind on your practice.”

The Coach turned to look at her. “Miss Howard, I have been informed that all your detentions would be under my supervision from now on. And that you requested this. Why?”

“Because I agree with your assessment of detention; I would much rather be exercising then sitting in the detention hall. “

“Well that brings up another problem. I know that Mrs. Warren has mainly kept you in the field house so far this year. So I have no idea how you can handle outside exercise.”

“Coach, you are right, I can run pretty well on a known track with no obstacles. But I don’t know this track. How about I do Kata?”

He looked at her for a moment. “That sounds like a deal.”

His attention was once more on the football team. She turned and began to stretch and limber up her muscles. Soon she was fully involved in her practice. She bent and flexed, moving from one

baton Kata to another. She flowed over the ground, her cane/baton whipping through the air. She did flips and falls always using her cane to defend and attack.

Cassie had noticed the practice blocking dummies and as she came out of a flip she whipped her asp baton around striking one of the dummies as hard as she could then twirled getting the next one in the row. One after another she moved down the row of dummies. Her blows were so hard that the dummies slid backward from her and she had to chase the last couple.

Finally she stopped, panting from her exertions. As she rested to catch her breath she noticed that the whole team was stopped and staring at her. Coach Johnson was also staring. Then he turned to the team, “Guys when you can put that much effort into your practice here, we will win our District.”

With that, they returned to their practice and the coach walked over to her.

“Miss Howard, you are going to be a real distraction out here. Those guys have not paid that much attention to the cheer leaders. I think you got some of those guys serious attention.”

“Egh, sorry Coach I don’t mean to be.”

“That’s okay; I’d rather they found someone like you to be interested in than those empty headed cheer leaders. I believe you have finished your first day of detention.”

He turned and rejoined his team.

Cassie made her way to the girl’s locker room. She scanned all around her but saw no signs of Harry.

She walked to her locker after showering to pick up her book bag then exited out the front door. Marie was waiting in the SUV. They headed down the street to the county road out to their house. As they approached a light she noticed a pickup truck accelerating toward the intersection at full speed even thought the light for the truck was red.

“Stop Marie!” Cassie screamed.
Marie did not hesitate or ask questions as she slammed the brake pedal to the floor. The van stopped with a minimum of sliding, but the nose of the van stuck out into the intersection a foot. The truck swerved toward them and clipped the front of the van then continued through the intersection at full speed. The van was pulled further into the middle of the intersection.

Cassie had her cell phone in her hand and used her speed dial to call 911. “Emergency what is the problem?”

“Our car has been hit, and the other vehicle has fled the scene. Our van has been pulled into the middle of the intersection by the collision. We are at Main and Fourth Street. Yes, I am Cassandra Howard. Our house keeper had just picked me up at school.”

“Is anybody hurt?”

“Marie, are you okay?”

“Blessed mother of Jesus, yes niña I am fine.”

“Everybody in our van is okay.”

“Is any other vehicle involved other than the one that fled?”

“No sir; there are no other vehicles involved. I think we are going to need to be towed though.”

“A police car will be there at any moment do you want me to stay on the line?”

“Thank you, but that will not be necessary.”

“Sorry for your troubles Ms. Howard”

Cassie put her cell phone away.

“The police will be here any minute now Marie.”

“Thanks you niña, we would have been killed if you had not screamed when you did.”

“Yeah, Marie, I would have been killed also. So don’t think anything of it.”

Cassie leaned back, thinking. She had plenty of time to examine the driver of the truck but she had not recognized him. But he knew them and he had driven straight at them.

Soon the police arrived and she recognized the officer. He was Jeff, the young officer that had helped with those two men who had tried to rob her mother. Her father arrived before he was through getting all the information he needed for his report.

He gathered Cassie up in his arms and hugged her tightly.

She saw nothing of Harry for over a month then one day as she was waiting for Marie outside the school a cargo van pulled up in front of her. Harry approached from her rear.

“There you are bitch.”

She turned to face him as the door on the van slid open and a man jumped out and needle was jabbed into her arm. As she collapsed to the ground he grabbed her around the chest and lifted. Harry rushed up and grabbed her legs and together they loaded her into the van. Harry jumped into the van and they pulled out of the loading area of the school.

Cassie slowly came to. She looked around her and “saw’ that she was in a small shack. She listened for a minute.

“Who the hell is this girl Harry? I thought it was just some girl that was giving you a hard time but not with all this equipment she has.”

“She a bitch I’m going to fix. She has used her cane on me a few times. So now I am going to use it on her.”

“Hey, that’s a blind person’s cane! Is she blind?”

“Yeah the blind bitch has made me the laughing stock of school, now it’s my turn.”

“Jim, look at this stuff.”

Cassie could see him going through her bag. He was laying it all out. Then he clicked the flash light on.

“What the hell? Get that out of my eyes?”

“WOW, I am blind now myself.”

“Jim this is not a regular cell phone it a sat-phone. This is a high end one. You cannot turn the GPS off on these.”

“Harry, who is this girl? The truth now!”

“She one of those high and mighty Howards. Their only daughter”


“You stupid idiot! You had us kidnap the daughter of the richest man in this part of Texas! You have just committed suicide.”

“Jim let’s go. I don’t need this. Leave the girl and our stupid cousin. Let’s see if we can make it to Mexico.”

“Hey, what about me?”

“What about you? You don’t need a ride; you got one coming… a hearse. I’ve heard of George Howard. He takes no prisoners. If you see your mother, tell her we don’t know her anymore.”

Cassie watched as the two men left the shack and piled into their van and gunned out of there. She had warned Harry. He was just like his cousins had stated, a true blue idiot. The girl sat up on the cot they had laid her on and then she stood. Harry turned to face her with her cane in his hand, swinging it back and forth.

“You don’t have your cane now! I am going to beat you to death with it. I might just rape you after I beat you unconscious.

“Harry you are the idiot your cousin stated. I gave you fair warning.”

“Fair warning! You stupid bitch! Well here is your fair warning.”

He stepped toward her and swung the cane back over his shoulder.

Cassie reached up her left sleeve with her right hand and pulled her other cane free. With a snap of her wrist it expanded it full length catching Harry in the solar plexus. He grabbed his chest and felled back tripping over some loose boards lying on the floor. As he went down his head hit a piece of metal protruding from one of the support beams. Blood spurted, coating the beam, as he slid to the floor.

She stood there scanning Harry as his heart slowed and finally stopped. Cassie made her way to her bags picked up her phone and pushed the speed dial.

“Hello.” Her father’s voice spoke on the phone.


“Cassie!” he screamed “Are you okay?”

“Yes dad. I don’t know where I am at but I am okay.”

“We are on the way and should be there in less than five minutes.
Is there anybody around you?”

“No, Harry tripped and hit his head. His two cousins are running for the border. They did not know who he was using them to kidnap. As soon as they knew, they ran for it. Dad you have some reputation.”

“Some times a reputation is all you need. What about Harry?”

“Dad is anybody else listening?”

“No honey nobody but us.”

“I hit Harry in his sternum and he tripped and felled. He hit his head on some metal bolt in a support beam. Blood went everywhere and I think he’s dead Dad.”

“it’s okay honey, don’t worry I’ll be there soon.”

Hours later Cassie sat in the passenger seat of the sheriff’s car and scanned the area around her. The place they had brought her was miles from Sonora at an old farm house out in the country, not even near a main road. The sheriff had interviewed her and recorded everything she had to say.

Then he joined the Crime Scene Unit that was getting ready to basically take the house apart.

The place was packed with people. Cassie noticed another car pulling up. Two tall men wearing suits and cowboy hats exited the car. She spotted the guns with her sight and then saw the badges; the most recognized badges in Texas. These two men were Rangers. One looked at her while the other walked over to the house.

The one looking at Cassie walked over to the car and look through the opened window. “How are you doing honey?” He asked.

She turned to face him. “Who are you?”

“I am Sgt. Jake MacHony, Texas Ranger”

“Do you still make your badges from a silver peso?”

He laughed, “No, the peso has been so adulterated there would not be enough silver to make a badge today. That tradition has been gone for ages. Today we have them manufactured just like regular badges.”

“That’s too bad, tradition like that adds to the esprit de corps.”

He stopped and stared at her. “You are so right! But I asked if you were okay?”

“Yes I am fine now.”

“Well we caught the other two who kidnapped you. They were apprehended about 100 miles south of here. They were talking their heads off. They told us all about where you were and their crazy cousin.”

“Yes, I really think that Harry was insane. He could not conceive that he could not keep on bullying everybody.”

“Well from what I hear he will not be doing anymore of that. Can you tell me what happened?”

Sgt Jake might sound like a redneck farm boy but he would not be a Ranger if he was not one of the best. So she told him her story, how she had heard Harry coming her way after his cousins had left. How she had heard wood moving and then Harry scream as she thought he had fallen. Then the silence and, how she had found her cell phone and called her Dad who told her they were almost there.

Sgt. Jake just nodded his head smiled and went to the house. There he and his partner talked and then both turned to look at her. Sgt. Jake went into the house and was gone what seemed to be only minutes.

He approached the open car window and bend down to talk to her. “Let me hear that story again.”

Cassie watched him as he watched her as she told her story once more. “Girl that’s a fine story but there are some inconsistencies. One, there’s a bruise in the center of Hurry’s chest; I bet that an autopsy will show a broken sternum. Second, the floor in there is covered in dirt and dust. Your footprints show that you walked straight to your cell phone; you did not hunt for it or grope for it. More of your footprints show you walking around blood splatters on the floor. That’s three things that do not match your story. That is without me even digging deeper.

But, those two good old boys supported your story about being kidnapped. So I am not going to look deeper into this. Beside you are cute.” With that he turned and walked away. Wow, those Rangers were just as good as the stories said. She thought.

My thanks to Grumpybear for his editing and proofing help. But the final results are mine and all criticism should be loaded onto my shoulders.

© Virgil Lee Fuqua III and vlfouquet.wordpress, 2008-2011. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Vlfouquet and Virgil Lee Fuqua III with appropriate and specific direction to the original contents


About Blind Sight

I was born on 2/7/1947 making me 64 right now, a veteran of the USMC. I am semi blind in my left eye and blind in my right eye. Have diabetis, hypertension, three ruptured cervical disc, right leg inch and a half shorter then my left. I live on veteran non-service disablity, And the Republican want to cut back on all government pension. I said hang every other politican in office. In my writing I have used like 4 different names, Virgil L. Fuqua III, V.L.Fuqua, V.L.Fouquet, and vlfouquet
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